• came downstairs the other morning to find my little brother smoking a joint on the back porch. I ripped it away from him and stomped on it. I haven’t spoken to him in a week.
  • Andrew came and loaded all of his stuff up in the truck and took off. There’s nothing more awkward than eating a sandwich in the kitchen while your step-dad weeds out the cooking implements that belong to him.
  • My mom rearranged the entire house to represent a new chapter in her life. She does this constantly.
  • I am done with SATs, forever. I am so fucking relieved.
  • I realized that I don’t really have to justify the love that Erik and I share to anyone. I’ve been thinking up reasons for why this is different from what I had with anyone else in the past, but then it came to me that it didn’t matter. I know how I feel about him, and I know that this is love. It doesn’t matter if anyone else believes me.
  • College applications start soon. I’m applying to George Mason, Radford, and Mary Washington. So stoked on it.


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  1. it’s really not worth it to alienate family members over me, i tried it.

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