I wish this couch wasn’t so tainted.
I wish I hadn’t wasted those perfect words on them so that when I say them to you they sound real and fresh to my ears,
because now they aren’t empty anymore.

I wish I would have spent more time with the people who led me to you,
 just so I could’ve found love sooner and stopped bullshitting.

I wish I didn’t lie to those who came before you,
for I didn’t know the definition of that word before our afternoons
with cat tails under the over pass and that night on the beach.
I wish I wasn’t so jaded, I wish you were my first hug, my first kiss.
my first hand held, my first fuck.
I wish there wasn’t a gray and dusty memory in all of my favorite places.
I wish I hadn’t brought the obsolete phantoms before you to my favorite places.
For they are specks in the wind and as far as I’m concerned you are the wind.
You move everything that moves me, and we move together.
Until your last ice tea sipped, until our last sunset shared, until the last paragraph of the last page of our last chapter.


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