Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Year’s Resolutions:

  • don’t jump to conclusions about people, every act isn’t anticipated correctly.
  • be nice to your boyfriend, he loves you and you love him.
  • be patient with your boyfriend, growing up is hard.
  • try to make good grades, if you get a C in any class then you can’t go out of state for college.
  • don’t be so quick to insult or judge (this has been a New Years resolution for you for four years now).
  • stop being so fucking stubborn. You WILL be wrong sometimes, and you need to learn how to face it.
  • stop smoking; like really, really no exceptions stop smoking.
  • be wary of girls who talk mostly about other people; they’re most likely talking about you, too.

Well, hmm. Lots of this has changed, some achieved. I believe I did stop jumping to conclusions about people, I’ve met lots of interesting folks since then and they have surprised me with being totally different than what I expected. I was not patient or nice to Eric; thus we came to a crashing, much needed cessation. I got a C, several Cs post- writing of these resolutions, and I will be going in-state for college. I’m not as quick to insult anymore, I wait to get to know them a little better before I decide they deserve it. Still, I am a mean person; very bitter for my age. I am stubborn as a nail to this day, but I had to admit fault several times in ’08 and experience failure. I only smoked a few times out of stress, but I did not completely stop smoking until I had my surgery in June. I have found girls I can trust, and have left those who are catty and conniving in the dust, where they belong. 2009 resolutions another day; gotta go do dishes.


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