Time cleared, door closed, glass of cranberry juice and Architecture playing… Alright, I’m ready.

2009 New Year’s Resolutions

  • You will forget about the people that you vowed (and promised to your boyfriend) that you would forget about. This isn’t for him, this isn’t for them… this is for you. Eric Ross was your first love. He was everything for two years. Let him stand as a dusty book in your case, and if you dare to crack that book open I hope you give yourself a papercut. You know it’s there, you know it’s story lives on without you. When and if he re-enters your life, it will be by chance not force. The rest of the people are not needed to hang on to whatsoever, not even their memory; abide by the rules you jotted down in your journal. Control your thought process and keep them out of it, for they are nothing.
  • You will make a smooth transition into college, you will be happy wherever you end up… Radford is not the anti-Christ, nor is any other school besides Mary Washington. You will be successful wherever you end up, and you will achieve your dreams.
  • You will be patient with your mother and step-father. Whether they stay married or not is no concern to you; they are people too. Indecisive and petty like the rest of us. Let them make their own mistakes, she will be happy eventually.
  • You will treat your boyfriend right. You will not control him, or try to. He treats you like a princess and puts up with your shit, and you’re incredibly lucky to have him. Do not get mad at him for dumb shit. Do not intentionally try and make him angry. And for the love of God, do NOT bring up past relationships. This is something new, let it stay that way. You’re making memories all the while, why dwell on those that don’t matter?
  • Let some people into your life. They’re trying really hard to be your friends and you’ve gotta let that wall down and let them in. They won’t fuck you over, and if they do, throw them to the back of your memory with the rest of the useless.

Possibly more later? That’s it for now.


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