I’m thinking about how everyone else sucks compared to him.

I mean honestly. Donny, you are so washed up it makes me sick to even look at you; and these girls still throw themselves at you with everything they’ve got in them, mistaking you as intriguing and sensitive. You chew them up and spit them out like cheap gum. For fairness’s sake I will claim and notice that this was not necessarily the case for us, but damn I feel fucking stupid for being “that girl”. I am embarrassed to be associated with you sometimes. I guess I’m just mostly done with you until that phone call I get every few months where you “really need me at a time like this”. I guess I’ve decided I don’t want that call, because there are tons of other girls clawing at your dick that can comfort you in your infantile blunders.

Donny, Chaz, Darin, Mike, Jon, Zane… Stupid fucking empty boys. I wasted so much time and effort before Erik, sometimes it makes me mad. But then again, he came right when I needed him.


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