You’re Just the Baby

No one’s 21st birthday is going to be as overrated as mine will be come November.

I am the youngest employee at the bar. I am a cocktail waitress who cannot make cocktails. I can’t fill a pitcher, I can’t even hand a drink over from the front of the bar. I have a special window that I have to stand at and wait for my customer’s order to be prepared. I can’t buy drinks for my of-age friends’ birthdays.

When my 21st birthday, the most anticipated event to ever hit Bar 202, arrives, I am going to sit in my apartment, in a chair, in the dark, and stare at the ground for the entire day. Maybe with a glass of ice water if I’m feeling dangerous.

When you work at a bar and are constantly ridiculed for being under 21, it loses all of its glamor. Maybe a normal college student would have been able to enjoy turning the drinking age, but if mine were to occur how everyone expects it to, it would be the most predictable day in the history of Farmville. My 21st birthday would go down in history as November 29, 2011, Prince Edward County’s Most Calculable Day. Maybe I’d get a plack outside of my apartment building or something.

Although my birthday is very far in the future, the teasing never stops. But for now, I’ll enjoy watching everyone else make dunces of themselves like I’ve been doing my whole college career thus far. Forever DD.

Sidenote: My apologies for the delay in posts, I moved from Sunchase to First Avenue yesterday and today. Now fully unpacked and settled, anticipate another anecdote from the Wry Waitress tomorrow.


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