A Fond Farewell to Dr. B: The Man Who Pushed The Wry Waitress

I didn’t want to blog. I hadn’t blogged since freshman year, and I had no real desire or inspiration to do it now. But, I was in Dr. B’s summer session for Computer Mediated Communication and I had to blog.

I had no idea what to do. He told us to look at different aspects of our lives and go from there on a blog idea. I’ve always played it safe with writing about music, movies, and calm editorials about everyday annoyances. But the idea I had for this blog came to me when I wasn’t paying attention, and was just doing what I’ve done three nights a week for over two years – working.

I’d always complained to my roommate and friends about my job and talked to my coworkers about the right and wrong ways to interact with alcohol, our employees, and just bar etiquette in general. So why wouldn’t I start a blog about waitressing?

It wasn’t as easy as I anticipated. Like I said this class was a summer class, so the most of the kids were home for the summer. Farmville was a ghost town. And so, I took this opportunity to write some basic posts about how to act at the bar, what to do and not to do, and some short anecdotes about the summer crowd.

But still, I was struggling.

On one of my first blog posts, Dr. B said the following:

“Wow! This seems like a combination of “high school janitor” (who observes all, and therefore knows all) meets “Fight Club”. We wish 202 and our intrepid heroine all the best. We have wondered what it takes to kill the only bar in a one-bar town. Clearly, the “Thursday only” buisness model does (did) not suffice. I hope that at least some of your young charges realize that life is about relationships, and do not treat you as a reported-headed Pez beer dispenser. In my younger days, I rarely paid cover and rarely waited in lines, because the 1 – 2 places I was a regular, I made sure to take care of the door and bar staff (you know you’re a regular when they have you work the door during the door guy’s dinner break). Other key rules: don’t order a drink with more than 3 words in the title a) if your bartender has visible ink or b) it’s a blues bar. Also, don’t buy wine or cigars where they also sell gasoline. I look forward to more pearls/perils of bar wisdom.”

This made me look at my blog, and quite frankly my job, in a different light. My job is pretty neat, and I enjoy it. It’s interesting and people will want to hear about it. The wait staff at 202 hears all and sees all, and I will always have something to say about the ridiculous things that go on at my job.

And so this is a thank you to Dr. B. Thank you for pushing me to make this thing happen. What has now evolved into not just a blog but also a Twitter, The Wry Waitress is taking off slowly but surely. The blog may not be getting much traffic but the Twitter grows in followers every day. This has become something that I enjoy instead of just a school assignment, and I have Bill Stuart to thank for that. He taught me that you have to be confident with your writing and it will be well-received. I may not be a “blogging superstar” quite yet as Dr. B would call me, but he made me proud of my job and proud of my writing. I will always have him to thank for that, and The Wry Waitress will continue, carrying his words of wisdom in her beer-stained apron with her credit slips and abandoned IDs.


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