Thursday Night is Bar Night

Tuesday night is bowling. Thursday night is bar night. This is how it has always been. As soon as 10 o’ clock hits you have to elbow your way through the hoards of people, the whole bar filled with hot breath with the bass ringing in your ear. This is how it has always been, so what’s so different about this year?

Numbers are down. We aren’t exactly going to go bankrupt or in any sort of financial trouble, but it’s not as good as it has been in the past. I’m not asking you all to develop alcohol problems and I’m not asking you to spend more money or buy more shots. I’m asking you to walk in the footsteps of your bigs, littles, and alumni by making bar night fun again.

Bar night is where everyone comes together from all the different organizations on campus and has fun together in a low stress environment where they’re somewhat out of their element. There’s no pressure and no expectations.

Honestly I don’t get it. You get in for free, we have good specials, and it’s probably within walking distance of wherever you live. Even if you have classes on Fridays you can leave before it gets too late or before you drink too much.

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I’ll be the first one to complain about elbowing through hoards of people and sweating and getting beer spilled on me on Thursday nights. But without all of that chaos and annoyance of drunk frat boys spilling pitchers all over every surface, jello shots stuck to the wall, and girls crying in the corner because their boyfriend was dancing with someone else, Thursday nights are boring. And Thursday nights should never be boring.

So step your game up, Lancers.


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