We Have Lives Too

There’s this weird thing about having a job. It’s just a job. You go to it for a certain amount of hours each week, clock in and out, wear a uniform, get paid. But this is something that I’ve found a lot of people at Longwood seem to overlook – we are not our jobs. We’re people.

When we leave the bar, we go home to our apartments and our pets and for some of us our families. We are students and mothers and siblings and spouses, but this is something the majority of the clientele we encounter seems to forget. For instance, bartender Brook has a three month old beautiful baby girl and bartender Jake just got married last week.

This isn’t to say that I expect each of you to find out everything about your server/bouncer/bartender before interacting with them, but there’s some times where it’s nice if you remembered that we’re living breathing individuals not pitcher robots. On Thursday nights when you refuse to leave after last call, you’re making it harder for our waitresses to go home so they can go to their Friday morning classes.

And we can come to the bar, too. And walk to class and go to Wal-Mart and Macado’s and fill up our cars and go to parties on Buffalo Street. Some of the looks I’ve gotten from people on campus that I’ve served you would think I was wearing a feather boa and a headdress on Brock Commons. We dwell among you. Our lives are not reduced to our jobs. They’re a significant part of it, but it’s not all we are.

And that hilarious thing that people do where they ask if they can get a pitcher when you’re off the clock? It’s not funny anymore. We’ve all heard that “joke” ten thousand times. It’s not funny, it’s embarrassing to yourself and us. If we bother to get cute with our friends and go to a party or something, treating us like beer wenches is ridiculously disrespectful and we’ll remember it.

All I ask is that you treat us like you’re peers, because we are. We were Lancers before we were waitresses. We were Farmville citizens before we were bartenders. Our existence stretches beyond the bar.

Other Updates:

  • I’m enjoying bartending. Sorry for those regulars of mine who I threw off. I promise I’m just as wonderful on that side of the bar as I am on the other.
  • Our old bartenders Jim and Nash Osborn are opening a restaurant up where The Tavern was called The Fishin’ Pig. They’ll be open in a month or so, so be sure to go check it out.
  • BIG NEWS Sydney is opening a comic shop near where that weird pet shop is on Main Street called Dojo Comics & Games. They will be opening in the coming months, but keep an eye on the page for updates.
  • The door guys got walkie talkies! I have a feeling they mostly use them to relay messages about which patrons have the shortest skirts on, but it still feels fancy to have them.
  • The new owners of the Weyanoke are making some nice changes to the building. We have a new fence to the right of the patio if you’re standing at the front door, they just trimmed up the free, they’re making some changes to the back parking lot area, and more to come. The bar will be making some changes, too, and sprucing up a little bit.
  • Thursdays so far this semester have been fun. Keep it up.

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