A Fond Farewell from your Resident Student Bartender

Tonight is my last Thirsty Thursday, as next week I’ll be on the other side, probably passed out by 11 o’ clock. Nevertheless, I just wanted to take a minute to sum up my time at 202 and recognize the friends I’ve made and what I’ve learned.

I know you. If you think about it, I’m probably the one person that has seen you at your worst most often. I’ve held back your hair, I’ve closed your tab, I’ve held your wallet while you went off to dance on the stage. I’ve seen you through breakups and makeups, make outs and fist fights. But at the end of the day as I prepare for my last Thursday throwing beer at you all, I would like to say it’s been an honor.

We’ve all grown up a lot, whether we want to believe it or not. We’ve done some dumb shit, myself included, but we’re on our way to adulthood. I’ve made so many friends working at 202, but my coworkers have become family. Brook, you’re an amazing mother and Brice will grow up to be an intelligent, funny, and beautiful young lady just like yourself. Sydney, I’m excited to see how 202 and Dojo grows under your management. You’re an amazingly patient and capable boss, and an even better friend. Amanda, you’re ready for bartending. You’ve been trained to take over after me and you are beyond ready. I’m very proud of how you’ve progressed. Issac and the rest of the door guys, thank you for being my sworn protectors for three years and being great at your jobs – and a constant laugh.

Everyone take it easy on the new girls next semester. It’s hard being out there. And for the love of god do not block the hallway.

And then there’s the customers. Some people were just regulars, but some became friends. There are too many to recognize all here, but in particular a big thank you to the girls on the ASA hall of the Weyanoke, my SPE housemates & co., Cristi Mallia & Lauren Maners, Brandon Gross, the crew from Macado’s, the crew from Charley’s, Willie Wood, Chris Cooper, Matt Cochran & co., and so many more.

My heart overflows with love for my job, and love for the people I’ve met behind the bar and on the other side. You are all wonderful people and will go on to do great things. Quite frankly I’m proud of you.

So I’ll see you all tonight. I’ll try not to cry, though it’s likely. It’s been a pleasure. Tip your servers.


One response to “A Fond Farewell from your Resident Student Bartender

  1. Someday this will be the legendary end to your former life. Love you, Bellera!

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